We are Ambassadors Berlin
a high-end craft studio
specialized in
VFX, CG and Music

Ambassadors Berlin is the edgy, boutique offspring of Ambassadors, led by VFX Supervisor, Bas Moonen and Music Director, Rachel Tauwnaar. Next to being specialized in VFX, CG and Music, we collaborate closely with Ambassadors HQ to provide a full range of creative services.

Bas Moonen is Visual Effects Supervisor and founder of Ambassadors Berlin.
Inseparable from his sketchbook as a kid, it was the craft of Lord of the Rings that inspired him to apply his creative passion in filmmaking. Since joining Ambassadors in 2016, he has led the VFX teams in Amsterdam, New York and Berlin. Bas has supervised award-winning projects such as G-Star RAW's "Wear your Denim Till the End",, "96%" for Lynk & Co and BMW's "The XMinded".

Rachel Tauwnaar is the Music Director at Ambassadors Berlin. Her career encompasses a broad range of musical expertise, from setting music to image to dabbling in singing, songwriting, and playing classical violin. Rachel was responsible for the music behind international campaigns for Karl Lagerfeld, Nike, Schweppes, G-Star, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. In her spare time she writes orchestral pop, dark wave and arranges strings for other artists. In 2022 she supervised and co-composed the music for G-Star RAW's "The Rhythm of Denim," which became one of the most award-winning case of the year in the music category for original composition.